Al-Qahtani Pipe Coating Industries awarded Aramco contract

Saudi energy company Aramco has awarded a contract to Al-Qahtani Pipe Coating Industries for work on the Master Gas System (MGS) expansion. The project involves 414 kilometres of 56”, 30” & 24” diameter pipes’ double joint welding and external FBE coating.

The original MGS was built in the 1970s. Since then, Aramco has been supplying natural gas to its customers across Saudi Arabia via the network, mainly channeling associated gas from Ghawar and other oil fields. Over the past decade, amid rising gas demand from Saudi Arabia’s industrial and household sectors, Aramco has undertaken projects to increase its non-associated gas production. It launched the second expansion phase of the MGS in 2015. The pipeline construction was completed in 2021, increasing the gas handling and transport capacity of the MGS from 8.4 billion cubic feet a day to 12.5 billion. Saudi Aramco’s MGS expansion – Phase III project – aims to convert a number of power plants from oil to natural gas, contributing to the country’s drive towards a cleaner energy mix.

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