Attracting new talent tops list for issues facing midstream industry

Lamar University’s Center for Midstream Management and Science conducted its 2024 “Top ten issues facing the midstream industry” survey, which yielded the following results.

The top 10 issues include attracting new talent, the political environment, new regulations, government energy policy, aging infrastructure, business outlook, emerging engineering issues, permitting, capital availability and supply chain. Last year, human capital and what can be called day-to-day operating worries dominated industry concerns. In this year’s survey, attracting new talent took first place again, but in an unexpected result, day-to-day operating concerns were replaced by political environment. Attracting new talent and political environment were not only very close in scoring but were also significantly more important than the remaining eight issues.

The next two issues, new regulations and government energy policies, were tied in scoring. Authors of the survey suggest it may be time for the midstream industry to reassess its interaction with the public, perhaps through an educational initiative targeting university students, energy consumers, and all levels of federal, state, and local government. The survey is available at:

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