ILF white paper on bulk transport options  for green molecules

The global hydrogen trade is projected to undergo a significant transformation by 2030, primarily focusing on the European Union, Japan and South Korea due to their strict emissions regulations and limited local production.

The MENA region, as well as countries like Mauritania, Namibia, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Canada are expected to emerge as major hydrogen suppliers. Repurposing existing gas pipelines is a vital strategy for developing the hydrogen market, although logistical challenges remain. In their joint white paper, “Bulk transport options for green molecules”, ILF Consulting Engineers’ Management Consulting Team and Dii Desert Energy compared the levelized cost of hydrogen transportation for different existing and planned pipelines.

The report analyses the global hydrogen trade and examines the role of cross continent pipelines. It offers selected expert interviews with key players in the green molecules value chain. The white paper is available for download here:

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