Baltic Pipe Project’s Pre-commissioning Operation by Techfem

The Baltic Pipe Project, developed by both GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. and Energinet, Denmark as co-investors, is a 36” offshore pipeline, which will connect the east coast of Denmark and the northern coast of Poland. The project involves the construction of a new bi-directional gas pipeline system that will enable shippers to flow gas directly from Norway to the markets in Denmark and Poland.

In 2021, Techfem was awarded, as Saipem’s contractor, the execution of the pre-commissioning operations of the ca.275 km offshore pipeline from Denmark to Poland, with a maximum depth of 55 m. The site operations included the following five phases: flooding, cleaning and gauging with filtered and treated seawater; hydrostatic strength test of the pipeline; pipeline desalinisation with fresh water; dewatering by means of dry compressed air; final drying and packing for pipeline preservation until the first gas injection. To date, Techfem has successfully executed the activities concerning the first two phases. The remaining activities are planned to be completed in the coming months.

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