Xionggu Automatic Welding Machine Spreads Set Inherent Record in LNG Pipeline Project

The Binhai LNG project is located in the northeast of the Subei faulted basin in the Yangtze fault block area. The strata are well developed and a set of shallow marine, coastal and continental materials is deposited there. The Quaternary sedimentary thickness is about 150m. The ground elevation is generally between 0.6m and 9.8m.

According to the ground elevation (zero point of waste Yellow River), the whole county can be divided into three types: high elevation land, sub highland and low-lying polder area. There is a large population, a wide water network, complex road crossings and discontinuous pipeline laying surfaces in the area. Sichuan Oil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. (CNPC group) utilises 5 spreads of Xionggu A-806/36 internal welding machines and A-610 dual torch pipeline automatic welding machines in this project.

With the exception of the fourth spread that has no welding work, there were 56 welded joints per day in the first spread, 55 in the fifth spread, and 24 in each of the second and third spreads, with a total number of welded joints per day of 159. This is a new record set by Sichuan Oil Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. on the terrain of a wide water network.

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