Bin Quaraya Co. Ltd Awarded Construction South Header LFDL, Saudi Arabia

Bin Quraya Co. Ltd has been awarded the contract to build a 63 km pipeline for the water injection trunkline junction at Lower Fadhili distribution to the central processing facilities plant Khurais in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The project is divided into five segments with 3×8” nozzles and five tie-ins. Two major crossings with horizontal directional drilling (HDD) with 20” casing sleeve comprise two government facilities of 150 m in length. The pipeline will be installed with 4×16” thrust anchors and 28 open cuts for the rig road, 27 underground pipelines and 23 overhead power lines.

Bin Quraya will deploy three spreads of fully mechanised dual torch welding stations and two semi-automatics to complete the welding ahead of the 4th quarter of 2022. The pipes are coated externally and internally in three locations: fabrication shop, third parties and field crews displaying the company logistics and transportation capabilities. The strategy to expedite the activities consists of double jointing strings along the corridor associated with a multiple crossing strategy in order to save time and idle resources. The integrated management system recently implemented allows the construction teams to receive real data online optimising the field and quality teams in terms of communications, request for inspections, welding books, statistics, localisation, safety and environmental records.

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