Bin Quraya awarded contract to increase  crude supply to Ras Tanura

Bin Quraya Company Limited signed a contract in December 2023 to increase the capacity of Ras Tanura Terminal. The Eastern Region terminals of Saudi Arabia consisting of Juaymah Crude Oil Terminal (JCOT) and Ras Tanura Terminal (RTT) experience unbalanced utilisation when exporting at maximum sustainable capability (MSC).

JCOT has high utilisation of approximately 85%, whereas RTT is operating at approximately 60% of capacity. The scope of work is to install a new 32” diameter, 25 km long pipeline (KRT-2L) within the existing corridor from SJ-1 at KM @199 to RT Terminal North (TN) to support a total of 850 million barrels per day (mbd) Arabian Medium (AM) supply to RTT. The scraper receiver lateral line of the new KRT-2L will be connected to several feeding lines.

Some piping modifications and other tie-ins will be required across the pipeline network and in RTT (TN and TS). The facilities will include the installation of tie-ins at RTT North and South, piping modifications, two jump overs, a scraper launcher and receiver, a valve station, cathodic protection, electrical and instrumentation. The work comprises services to Qatif Gas and Oil Separation Plant with existing scraper trap facilities and a closed drain system, Qatif Central processing facilities, a medium level voltage station and motor operated valves for operational flexibility.

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