Bezemer completes shore crossings  for Deutsche Ostsee LNG terminal

Winch supplier Bezemer Dordrecht provided equipment for the “Deutsche Ostsee Project”, a new Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) – based LNG import terminal near Lubmin, Germany. The project included a pipeline shore crossing through a micro-tunnel.

Bezemer Dordrecht supplied a continuous linear winch with a pulling capacity of 800 tonnes to complete this part of the project. Since the pull is through a micro-tunnel, the linear winch was delivered with a tunnel pit frame. This frame, originally designed for these kinds of projects, has an incorporated downward sheave to position the winch on top of the pit. Using different inserts, the winch pulls wires of various diameters allowing one winch to pull a 52mm messenger wire and a 127 mm pull wire, to which the pipeline is connected. Following the completion of the pull in September, the German government decided to have the offshore moored FSRU moved to Sassnitz. Bezemer repeated the operation at Mukran Port, where the pipeline shore crossing was completed in December 2023.

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