Bin Quraya Company Awarded Water Supply Facilities Project by Saudi Aramco

Bin Quraya Co. Ltd has been awarded the Zuluf AH Dvelopment package project by Saudi Aramco, which involves construction of a water injection system facilities capable of supplying 1.063 MMBWD, with provisions to ultimately supply 3.14 MMBWD (MAOP or 1360 psig) from Jaladi aquifer water to the Zuluf Onshore Oil Facilities water treatment and water injection plants through a 42” pipeline.

Overall, the project scope includes the associated disciplines including electrical submersible pumps, process automation, utilities and infrastructure like the power supply for the ESPs, chemical injection systems, 24” diameter pipeline laterals, and one 42” trunkline with the provision of future expansion. This will accommodate a trunkline with a preliminary size of 48” to supply water for AM crude demand and water injection for the Zuluf Central Processing Facilities. The detailed LSTK/LSPB scope includes telescoping headers, manifolds with launchers and receivers, operation and maintenance of the security buildings. The LSTK/LSP has been awarded from the FEED stage with the assistance of KBR-AMCDE and construction started in August 2022. The final close out forecast is in July 2025.

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