ISCO Helps Bring Safe Shores and Reliable Electricity to Rwanda

Through engineering and ingenuity, several companies were able to help turn a potentially disastrous problem into a powerful solution in Rwanda, where natural resources are limited.

The country sits on the shores of Lake Kivu, which contains enormous amounts of dissolved carbon dioxide gas, trapped with methane, by the pressure of the water above. Shema Power Lake Kivu Limited (SPLK) secured the rights from the Rwandan government to extract this methane to fuel a new gas-to-power generation plant in the Rubavu District, thereby minimising the potential for a deadly disaster (should the enormous quantities of carbon dioxide leak into the atmosphere).

Texas-based oil and gas engineering company, Antares Offshore, was contracted by SPLK to present engineering solutions for the project. ISCO Industries’ sales and technical engineering groups provided technical expertise on the physical properties and performance attributes of HDPE, which was chosen for the pipe, fittings and fabricated components, due to its long-term, corrosion-resistant piping solution.

The Kivu-56 project is positively impacting both the economy and local inhabitants, providing reliable, green electricity and safer lakeside existence. Many local residents are included in the construction of the gas extraction barge and power plant, resulting in earned income and new job skills. Also, local companies in agriculture and tourism will have consistent electricity to power their businesses, allowing for greater output and export potential.

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