C.A.T. Group expands commitment to sustainability and commences construction  on ADNOC Estidama Project

In a move to address the climate challenge and amplify its commitment to community welfare, C.A.T. Group has recently established a dedicated sustainability department and formed a committee to spearhead environmental efforts, including a thorough assessment of CO2 emissions and the implementation of ambitious reduction targets.

Highlighting its dedication to renewable energy, C.A.T. has installed a solar carport at its Dhahran head office, powering office lighting. Solar-powered cooling sheds have been introduced at various sites for employee comfort during harsh weather conditions. The company’s fleet has undergone a green transformation with hybrid cars, electric forklifts, and Euro 3 compliant trucks, showcasing its commitment to emission reduction. Complementing these eco-friendly measures, C.A.T. actively contributes to local green initiatives, such as the beautification of the Dammam gate roundabout, and supports diversity in the workforce by encouraging Saudi women to take up diverse roles, including welding and QA/QC inspection.

The first Saudi woman to receive the ACI Certification in KSA is a member of the C.A.T. team. The C.A.T. Group and NPCC consortium has initiated full-scale construction on the Estidama – Sales Gas Pipeline Network Enhancement – Package 3 project in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Valued at over USD 600 million, the initiative aims to ensure a sustainable and cost-effective natural gas supply, supporting ADNOC’s growth strategy. The project involves the installation of 191 kilometres of 56” and 52” sales gas pipelines.

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