China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. (CPP) employs cutting-edge engineering capabilities in Abu Dhabi

The Mirfa Plant Modification and Pipeline Project, located in the western region of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., was launched to address a growing nitrogen demand. The main scope of work covers the installation of a nitrogen pipeline covering 75 kilometres from the Mirfa plant to Ruwais.

The contract was awarded to CPP by ADNOC Gas Processing. Designed as a fast-track project, the construction timeline given was 24 months. Key components include a 75-kilometre 48-inch pipeline and a 5-kilometre 12-inch pipeline. The scope extends to the construction and modification of metering stations, receiving stations and valve stations. Pipelines are laid in areas with high water levels, requiring specialised construction.

The project also features 16 non-disruptive road crossing (NDRC) points and two hot tapping locations. CPP, the EPC contractor, has employed fully automatic welding technology, achieving an outstanding milestone in the U.A.E. – surpassing 80 joints per day for the 48” main pipeline. The maximum daily single crew welding capacity was 900 metres. The Vacuum Pipe Lifter was introduced for the first time in the U.A.E., increasing efficiency by over 50% during pipe unloading and laying. The project, advancing faster than scheduled, is expected to be completed by mid-November 2024.

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