Caterpillar Presentation to IPLOCA Past President

During a private celebration in Moscow on 25 January, 2022, Caterpillar is proud to have presented Iosif Panchak, IPLOCA Past President 2019-2020, with a symbol of their appreciation and sincere gratitude for leading IPLOCA and for his contribution to the pipeline industry. Normally, this gift is awarded every year to the out-going President at the IPLOCA Annual Convention during the Caterpillar-sponsored evening, but these are not normal times.

From left to right: Mikhail Zubkov, Caterpillar Eurasia Pipeline Account Manager; Yury Yurkevich, Caterpillar Eurasia Paving Manager; Iosif Panchak, Deputy General Director J&S Welding & Building Co.; and Alexander Shishaken, Caterpillar’s Eurasia Region Manager.

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