Vacuworx lifters used on Australian  pipeline project

A large coal mining project in central Queensland, Australia, required two Vacuworx lifters for the installation of a new 500 mm HDPE pipeline. The purpose of the pipeline is to transport water to a coal washing facility and aid in dust suppression – a critical task due to erosion concerns and the proximity of neighbouring agricultural activities.

For the successful execution of this project, two Vacuworx lifters were employed – one RC 10 and one RC 12. Both lifters underwent ‘Mine-Spec’ preparation, incorporating features such as battery isolation and E-Stop switches, protective covers on all electrical terminals, and high-visibility equipment number stickers. Each lifter was equipped with an 8-metre spreader beam and dual pads, specifically designed to handle 21-metre lengths of HDPE pipe. This functionality supported the unloading of incoming pipes and their transportation from the stockpile to the welding process. The welding process involved creating 150-metre strings from each welder, subsequently pulling them into the right-of-way before joining each string and trenching them into the ground.

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