New documentary premieres about construction of Néstor Kirchner Pipeline

Celebrating engineering prowess and collective effort, the documentary ‘GPNK: El Camino del Gas’ premiered at the 38th Mar del Plata International Film Festival in Argentina.

The film, available on YouTube, provides insight into the construction of the Presidente Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline (GPNK), and chronicles Techint Group’s efforts to build a key piece of energy infrastructure. The 35-minute film, directed by Gianfranco Quattrini, documents how the pipeline was completed in just ten months, when building infrastructure of this scale normally takes two years. The documentary captures the experiences of over 4,000 people involved in the construction. Special screenings were organised for local communities involved in this mega project. The 36-inch diameter pipeline with a total length of 573 km transports natural gas produced in Vaca Muerta to the province of Buenos Aires.

It will increase the country’s natural gas transportation capacity by 30%. “It’s impressive how we have managed to come together with a collective vision, as a group that combines all its strength for gas, to achieve something very important for the country,” said Paolo Rocca, President of the Techint Group.

The film is available here:

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