Xionggu Electrical Automatic Welding Machine Completes Welding of Langfang Branch Line

Phase I of the Mengxi SNG pipeline project includes three pipelines, one trunk line and two branches, passing through Tianjin city and nine counties in northern China. The pipeline is 366.51km long, crossing large and medium-sized rivers in 35 locations, railways in 9 locations and highways in 51. The pressure of the pipeline is 10MPa and pipe material is L485M. Amongst them, the Langfang branch line starts from Bazhou off load station, with dia. 914mm, 10MPa design pressure and 28.499km in length. A new station (Yongqing off load station) and two monitoring valve chambers are set. Xionggu pipeline automatic machines completed welding of 2010 joints up to the middle of December 2021. Video monitoring and digital management (acquisition and upload of pipe joint temperature and welding data) have been adopted to effectively improve the welding quality and efficiency.

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