CHETRA Launches New Products in 2021

CHETRA is launching several new products in 2021. One of them is the CHETRA T11 bulldozer with a blade which has adjustable angles of rotation and skew VPAT-Variable Power Angle Tilt (6-way).

Such a blade is designed to increase the technological efficiency of work in the road construction industry. The rotary blade allows a wide range of planning work to be performed, from leveling the soil to backfilling. The bulldozer becomes almost a fully-fledged replacement for the motor grader. There are two variants of the blade: straight rotary and straight rotary folding.

Another new product is a remote-controlled bulldozer. The system is installed on a serial bulldozer CHETRA T15 and can be used for work on disassembling the blockages, fixing fallen bridge structures, and in places with mudflow activity. It will be particularly effective at sites where military operations have ended, but there are still mined areas. Also this year, the updated CHETRA TK25 wheeled bulldozer with drive axles with lockable differentials is undergoing factory tests. The braking system was also upgraded to improve braking efficiency, taking into account the introduction of lockable differentials. The updated wheeled bulldozer provides hydraulic control of attachments, which ensures high accuracy of work and low operator fatigue. In the basic configuration of the bulldozer there is the GLONASS satellite monitoring system, which allows the condition of the machine to be tracked online.

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