Denys Scheduled to Begin Porthos Infrastructure Construction in 2024

Porthos has taken a final investment decision to develop the first major CO2 transport and storage system in The Netherlands. Denys was selected for the engineering and construction of the onshore transport pipeline, which is a steel pipeline with a diameter of 42” and almost 30 kilometres in length.

It will be mainly installed in the existing pipeline strip along the A15 via Botlek-Vondelingenplaat to the Maasvlakte. After the engineering period and the positive evaluation of the ecological assessment by the Council State in August, construction of the Porthos infrastructure is ready to start in Rotterdam in 2024. Porthos’ and Denys’ teams are currently preparing construction works, which are scheduled to take place over the coming two years. From 2026, CO2 will be stored under the North Sea. The European Union has recognised Porthos as a “Project of Common Interest” and awarded the project a subsidy of € 102 million. As a sustainable builder, Denys is proud to be able to take on this challenge with the Porthos team and to have earned the trust to help achieve this important step in the Dutch climate targets.

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