G-FIT Increases Productivity, Quality & Safety, with Less Manpower

The production of the Goriziane-Fabrication Innovation Technology (G-FIT) automatic stub fit-up system for jackets fabrication for a prestigious Southeast Asian company, is going smoothly and is on time. G-FIT, plus the real-to-real stub cutting system – that relieves the yard from tedious and time-consuming grinding adjustment – and the automatic tack welding, complete the node and leg fabrication decisive processes.

The system is equipped with laser and digitalisation of stubs and legs loaded into a best-fit analysis software that simulate the joining of the two items and produce a 3D model with real properties. Once the stub is loaded onto the machine, the communication between the system begins. The laser system tracks and guides the stub to the final fit-up position. The combination of high precision measurement laser, powerful analysis & communication software and the seven degrees of freedom stub positioner, permits the achievement of productivity, precision, repeatability, quality, and safety requirements. Goriziane is already supporting several prestigious EPC companies to develop an efficient and up-to-date series production line for floaters by integrating the experience of the G-FIT technology with the fit-up automation. The automation of the fit-up, is the key for increasing the series production capability of jackets and floaters.

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