Erciyas creates hyperloop development venture

In 2016, to contribute to a sustainable future, Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. began developing hyperloop, a high-speed, 
next-generation mode of transportation that consumes 
10 times less energy than airplanes and produces zero carbon emissions due to its reliance on renewable energy. After six years of extensive work, in 2022, Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. signed an agreement with a US-based innovation and technology company to become a supplier and investor.

Hyperloop R&D activities are currently ongoing, and Erciyas continues to collaborate with institutions and organisations within the ecosystem. Recently, a new entity was created with the aim of executing R&D and manufacturing activities for the next-generation tube, as well as its structural components, and all moving parts within the tubes.

Erciyas Hyperloop Technology Industry Inc. was established as a partnership between Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. and RC Endüstri Ulaşım Araçları A.Ş., a group company. The new entity brings together two main areas of expertise: wagon building and large diameter tubes manufacturing. The joint venture aims to propel forward the development and production of innovative solutions integral to the hyperloop transportation system. Erciyas Steel Pipe Co. ranked 4th among the “Top 50 Most Innovative Companies” in Turkey in 2023 thanks to its Hyperloop Project.

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