Gascontrol Polska awarded gas pipeline connection project

GAZ-SYSTEM, the Polish natural gas transmission grid operator, announced on 20 March that it had signed a contract to build a gas pipeline connection to the planned CCGT plant in Rybnik, Poland, along with a measuring station. Gascontrol Polska has been selected as the contractor for the construction work.

The project consists of a high-pressure gas transmission pipeline with a diameter of 500 mm and a length of 4.55 km, which will be constructed along with accompanying infrastructure, for example a measuring station with a capacity of 160.000 NCM/H. The above-mentioned connection will be linked to the ‘Racibórz – Rybnik’ pipeline, which is currently under construction. Together with the ‘Kędzierzyn-Koźle – Racibórz’ section, they will form an 80-kilometre corridor, ensuring supplies of natural gas to a 882MW CCGT unit being constructed in Rybnik. It is estimated that the annual gas consumption will be around 1 billion cubic metres. The gas pipelines being built in this region are part of an investment programme called ‘Coal2Gas’, which is included in the GAZ-SYSTEM’s investment plan for 2023-25. The gas pipelines from the ‘Coal2Gas’ programme will ultimately form a system of transmission pipelines supplying Silesia and Podbeskidzie in a ring system.

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