Glavbolgarstroy Making Rapid Progress on Bulgaria-Serbia Interconnector Project

Nearly 90%, i.e. 56 out of a total of 62.5 km of the route on Bulgarian territory of the gas Interconnector Bulgaria – Serbia (IBS) had been completed as of July 2023. The project began in January with the delivery of 5,500 factory-insulated pipes necessary for the construction of the section.

In February, an official ceremony marked the start of the actual construction of the interconnector. The project is being implemented by “International Gas”, a partnership between Glavbolgarstroy and Glavbolgarstroy International. Both companies are committed to completing their tasks according to the highest quality standards and within the set deadlines before the start of the winter season. A member of the contractor’s team said that the timely delivery of the project’s equipment despite the supply chain challenges, as well as the expertise of the engineering team behind the project, represent the main reasons behind the important progress registered to date in the construction works.

The implementation of the project will enable the diversification of natural gas supplies for the region of South Eastern Europe by providing new sources and routes of natural gas supply. Bulgaria will gain access to gas sources from Western Europe along a new route, and Serbia will have access to liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals and other alternative sources from the region and around the globe.

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