Goriziane Turns 75

Since 1948, Goriziane has been overhauling, designing and transforming complex systems and continues to offer state-of-the-art solutions to meet every request, by satisfying customers’ needs.

The family company just turned 75 years old, and in parallel with this important birthday, Goriziane is celebrating the conception of two new satellites in the G-FIT galaxy: the Smart Cutter and the Smart Welder. The Smart Cutter is an advanced technology designed to improve the pipe cutting process, ensuring a true best fit (real-to-real) in the automatic fit-up of pipes for the construction of jackets. The Smart Welder is a robotic system that is capable of automatic, efficient and accurate tack welding fit-up. In this way the process of cutting + fit-up + tack welding will be done automatically with a significant increase in productivity.

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