Gulf Interstate Engineering Celebrates 70 Years of Pipeline Engineering

In 1953, construction began on the Gulf Interstate Gas Pipeline. The main pipeline ran from Louisiana to Kentucky to serve the growing U.S. markets for natural gas energy.

Overall, the span of the transmission system totaled 1,160 miles—an innovative and historic engineering marvel in America’s post-war industrial age. 70-years later, the Gulf Companies’ innovation for energy transmission is still their primary focus as they expand beyond conventional oil and gas transmission to natural gas liquids (NGLs), liquefied natural gas (LNG), supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) and renewables (solar and wind).

Gulf’s business practices have always sought to deliver responsibly designed and reliably constructed solutions for their customers. Essential criteria, such as stakeholder engagement, social and environmental impacts, safety in design, quality in construction, and operational integrity, have been hallmarks of Gulf’s services throughout its 70-year history.

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