Herrenknecht’s Green HDD Rig for Pipelines and Power Grids

The development of pipeline networks and power grids is the challenge of future energy supply. Trenchless methods are required for fast, safe and eco-friendly pipeline installations for oil, gas and alternative green fuels.

In addition, LNG terminals and offshore wind parks need landfall solutions. Pipeline and underground cable construction encounter the same challenges. Proven tunnelling and pipeline methods, new or further developed trenchless technologies, now offer suppliers, grid operators and construction companies a wide range of solutions to cover the entire geological spectrum, with high flexibility in terms of diameters, drive lengths and installation depths.

As long as the ground conditions allow a safe drilling process, HDD is the preferred option for crossing obstacles. In order to increase safety and application range in HDD, features like the jet pump, weeper subs and tooling concepts have been developed.

An all-electric HDD rig is a further indispensable step towards energy transition, making green electricity usable in the drilling industry, while reducing emissions to a minimum. As Herrenknecht´s first of this type, the new HK300TE Trailer Rig, a directly electrically driven rig with 300 ton pull force, assures high efficiency without the losses associated with hydraulic systems. The first field test already delivered convincing results.

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