Herrenknecht’s small diameter Direct Pipe deployed for European gas pipeline network

In highly permeable ground conditions, when horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is not applicable or feasible, Herrenknecht’s Direct Pipe technology (sometimes also called “Direct Steerable Pipe Thrusting” or DSPT) provides a safe option for crossings and landfalls.

The AVNS slurry MTBM concept with an integrated jet pump system extends possible drive lengths to 1,500 metres for small-diameter Direct Pipe installations from 24” upwards.Further developments in the navigation system eliminate the use of magnetic-field detection systems. This makes small Direct Pipe even simpler, more reliable and versatile, opening new opportunities for owners and consultants when planning pipeline networks or underground cable routes. The safety benefit of slurry-based micro tunnelling and its high precision and performance rates in a wide range of ground conditions ensures a high-level of acceptance and reliability.

After the first two 28” river crossings commissioned in Poland for the GIPL-Gas Interconnector Poland-Lithuania, a total of five crossings were commissioned by Gaz-System, with a maximum installation length of 884 m. Early 2023, small-diameter Direct Pipe installations were successfully completed in Italy for SNAM Rete Gas. Two sections of the Pipeline at Recanati–Chieti were installed, using an AVNS600 Direct Pipe MTBM and a 500-ton Pipe Thruster.

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