ILF Supports the Baltic Pipe Project

ILF is proud to support the Jutland Funen project, part of the overall Baltic Pipe project, with engineering services including, amongst others, project management, detailed design, owner’s engineer, and construction supervision. The Baltic Pipe project is a major gas infrastructure project that aims at creating a new supply corridor in the European gas market. For the first time ever, it will enable shippers to flow gas directly from Norway to the markets in Denmark, Sweden, and Poland, together with their neighbouring markets. Moreover, it will also enable shippers to flow gas bi-directionally from Poland to the Danish and Swedish markets, thus further strengthening supply diversification, market integration, price convergence, and security of supply.

The project is expected to be commissioned by October 2022 and gain full capacity by 31 December 2022. In view of the Russian decision, at the end of April, to stop delivering contracted amounts of gas to Poland, the Baltic Pipe project proves to be an excellent investment and ensures that not only Poland but also Lithuania and potentially Slovakia are going to gain full independence from politically used gas supplies.

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