Goriziane’s First Fully Electric Bevelling Machine (EBM)

Goriziane E&C’s Pipe Facing Machines can be used for the construction of oil, gas and water pipelines. The company is able to design and manufacture custom-made machines as per each customer’s needs, such as the double pipe facing machines, or miter pipe facing machines with mitered bevels up to 2°, where mitered pipe is required. The Pipe Facing Machine ranges from 6’’ up to more than 88’’, makes precise bevels (+/- 0,1mm), has an adjustable rotation speed with a safety system, and is low maintenance. If required, it can also bevel up to 2° without using a Pipe Bending Machine.

In addition to its pipe facing machines, Goriziane is now offering the first ever Fully Electric Bevelling Machine with a single expansion group, able to cover the complete pipe range. It has an adjustable bevelling speed, maximum torque, high-force clamping and is able to re-round pipes. It also has a wireless control function, allows for the possibility of installing a 3D scanner for bevelling control, and is equipped with IoT for remote assistance.

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