Lincoln Electric offers innovative approach  to pipeline welding

With the release of the new Mechanized Pipeliner® AutoShield® solution, Lincoln Electric has helped usher in the next generation of pipeline welding.

Ideal for contractors looking for a more cost-effective way to mechanize their welding operations, the advancements provided by AutoShield help deliver more reliable, repeatable welds for X65 and X70 downhill welding applications. Designed for fill and cap welding passes, it is a complete mechanized, self-shielded flux-cored (FCAW-S) solution that offers an innovative approach to eliminating shielding gas and welding shacks out on the right-of-way – helping to reduce weld time by up to 30% when compared to similar SMAW applications. It also offers up to 50% reduced heat input when compared to similar FCAW-G applications.

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