Maats Pipeline Professionals Diversifies

As the playing field in pipelines is changing, at least in Europe, Maats realised some years ago that diversification was needed. Being a specialised manufacturer of bending equipment, Maats adopted the internal bending technique and entered a new market, essential for energy transition: district heating.

With the number of projects in the traditional oil and gas sector declining and pipeline projects for hydrogen and CO2 still in the very early stages, the decision to add internal bending to the bending portfolio seemed a good one. Meanwhile Maats has been using the internal bending technique for almost five years and during these years close to 1,000 pipes have been bent for various district heating projects in Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Greece and the U.S.A., to name but a few.

Recently Maats has successfully bent about 115 pcs. of 28” insulated pipes for the WarmtelinQ project near The Hague, which is currently the largest pipeline construction jobsite in The Netherlands. This new bending technique not only allowed Maats to enter a new market, it expanded the traditional customer base of pipeline construction companies to include pipe- and insulation suppliers and ensured Maats’ continued presence on some of the largest pipeline construction sites in Europe.

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