Monter Strojarske Montaže d.d. completes underground gas storage facility

The project, listed among the strategic investment initiatives in Croatia, involved the construction of a gas station with a compressor station, serving as the central facility for gas production, and a gas dehydration unit in Grubišno Polje.

As part of the project, gas pipelines were built to connect two production wells, and a measuring station was created with connecting pipelines to the entry point of the transportation system. The facility was commissioned, entering a trial operation phase in July 2023. The completion of this underground gas storage project not only marks a significant achievement for Monter Strojarske Montaže d.d., but also contributes to Croatia’s strategic energy infrastructure. The successful integration of the gas production and storage facility enhances the country’s energy security and represents a vital step in fostering sustainable and efficient energy management.

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