PEAL’s innovative risk management approach

PEAL Engineering and Construction was recently contracted for mechanical construction on a booster compressor project in Bibiyana Gas Field, Hobiganj, Bangladesh. The project, awarded by a global oil and gas company, aimed to enhance long-term operation and production.

PEAL encountered a major risk, namely extreme summer heat in the month of May and June 2023 during the full phase of execution with temperatures hitting 40°C and humidity at 96%. The typical 15-minute heat breaks mandated by compliance weren’t enough so a risk response plan was developed. 30 minutes of additional time was required to resume work. PEAL’s innovative approach included a hydration and energy boost: water, bananas, glucose and electrolytes were provided for instant energy replenishment. Medical support and monitoring: on-site medical support was set up to ensure worker safety and prioritise treatment. Enhanced cooling measures: temporary sheds, water sprays and stand fans were used to mitigate extreme temperatures.

Age-focused strategies: workers over 40 were given less strenuous tasks with health checks for proactive assistance. Work optimisation: whenever possible, tasks were prioritised based on heat tolerance and hot work was moved to controlled fabrication shop environments. These strategies yielded impressive results. Worker morale remained high, productivity losses were minimised, and the project was delivered on schedule to the client’s satisfaction.

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