Monti-Werkzeuge GmbH Continues Bristle Blasting Innovations

Bristle blasting (blasting without loose grit) for field joint coating surface preparation creates similar results to ISO 8501-1 Sa2,5 cleanliness with roughness profile>50 micron without a flat area between the peak and the valley of the profile. In general, one bristle of 23mm equals 1m2 of surface preparation per hour, per operator. Monti’s Bristle Blaster Double could reach 3m2 an hour. The Prepper Q4 is automatic and remotely controlled.

The method includes dust/rust particle control. The new Q4 comes in a ACCU-version to avoid any hoses onsite or need for power generators. When bristle blasting, the result is immediately visible for the cleanliness or coating adhesion check. For safety only, protective eye-wear is needed. Regarding noise levels the Q4 machine including dust control is below 91 Db, so according to OSHA, two hours’ exposure is allowed. Timewise, the Prepper Q4 prepares a 42 inch field joint of 3LPE with a cutback of 15 cm in 12 minutes. The system of bristle blasting by Prepper Q4 is a closed cycle operation.

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