Nacap Constructs 580 km Pipeline in Western Australia

Nacap has been engaged by the APA Group to construct the 580 km Northern Goldfields Interconnect Pipeline to connect the existing Dampier Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline, near Geraldton, Western Australia (WA) to the Goldfields Gas Pipeline, near Leinster, WA.

Key project statistics for works performed to date include a minimum average pipe lay rate of 5 km per day and trenching performed in ground conditions that varied from sandy to high strength granite, using 11 trenching machines (combination of rocksaw and bucket wheel), a fleet of excavators and multiple drill and blast fronts.

Four temporary construction camps were established and put into operation (each containing up to 330 rooms) along with local commercial accommodation and permanent camps. So far, the project includes eight major HDD crossings plus nine minor HDD crossings of smaller features and 13 mainline hydrostatic test sections. Almost 900,000 hours have been worked, more than 32,000 welds completed, and more than seven million kilometres travelled.

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