Northfield Uses Goriziane E&C Latest Technology

Due to its strong reputation as a supplier of superior equipment and services, Goriziane was chosen by main EPC contractors involved in the largest gasfield in the world, the Northfield project, located off the coast of Iran and Qatar in the Persian Gulf.

The project is being developed by Qatargas, one of the world’s largest producers of liquefied natural gas. Goriziane is supplying pipe facing machines in large quantities for these projects, and in particular the new PF1 series, which has a high innovation content and has been a revolution in low-speed pipe cutting for the application of Corrosion Resitant Alloy pipes. The PF1 machine covers a large range of pipes diameters and has a recently developed fully electric version. The latter has been particularly conceived to be integrated into a fully automatic and reliable bevelling station, further improving efficiency, reducing personnel and increasing safety

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