Goriziane E&C S.p.A.

About Goriziane E&C S.p.A.

Goriziane E&C is a world leader in the Oil&Gas field which Designs and Manufactures plants & equipment for onshore and offshore pipelines.

Oil&Gas: Onshore & offshore activities. Naval and maritime sectors.

Goriziane E&C S.p.A. designs and manufactures standard and custom-made Pipe Bending Machines and Mandrels, Pipe Facing Machines, Pipe-In-Pipe Facing Machines & Hydraulic Power Units, and Internal Pneumatic Line-Up Clamps with special accessories such as Visual Laser and Camera, and Fully-Automated Pipe Positioning System.

Goriziane designs and builds Marine and Naval components as regards the Handling and Lifting, i.e. Side-Loading Systems, Elevators, and all kind of Maritime Doors, by developing the Engineering Systems which guarantee a fully integration with the vessel and according to international standards.

Offshore equipment and plants for Pipe-Laying Vessels, i.e. Pipe Handling Systems, thus Firing Lines, Rollers, Stinger and Stinger Rollers, Stinger Handling Systems, and Welding plants. External Offshore Clamps (Bear Cages) and Above Water Tie-In Clamps.

Oil and Gas, Naval, Maritime, Defence, Railway, Industry, Offshore Wind, and Electric Vehicles.