OVERPIPE Plates Installed on Coastal GasLink Pipeline Canada

In April 2023, OVERPIPE plates were installed to protect sections of the Coastal GasLink Pipeline in British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the largest, if not the largest, infrastructure projects in Canada at this time and is the first LNG project in Canada.

Travelling through Canada’s Rocky Mountains, OVERPIPE plates offered a resilient and easy-to-install system for protecting the pipeline, environment, and local communities as well. The Coastal GasLink project faced high levels of public scrutiny regarding the environmental impact of the construction and use of the pipeline, necessitating the implementation of uncompromising safety and hazard control measures. OVERPIPE was selected to protect the pipe against 3rd party damage.

OVERPIPE plates are manufactured from durable and recyclable HDPE: they are impenetrable to impacts from 32-ton excavators and connect end-to-end to create a continuous protective barrier above the pipeline. They are compatible with cathodic protection systems and can be manufactured with custom warning text, ensuring future-proof protection over the entire life of the pipeline. OVERPIPE plates are quick to install and no specialist lifting machinery is required. They can also be reused after a pipeline has been uncovered for maintenance.

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