SCAIP Focuses on Promoting Sustainability

SCAIP redesigned and added solar panels to its production facility to cover most of its power needs for manufacturing or approximately 80% of the total energy consumption at the factory and offices, a big step towards having a zero-carbon footprint. SCAIP has also been consisently working towards integrating hybrid or fully electric options into its lines of machines, as well as reducing the use of hydraulic oil as much as possible.

The company also started focusing on building machinery for the construction of renewables. In the last three years, three new lines of machines have been developed. These include two models of pile drivers for the construction of solar energy farms: the SDR-108, a large pile driver used to sink piles of up to 20 feet in length, and the SDR-90, a smaller variant used in smaller projects or for road barrier construction.

The other machines developed for the renewables sector are the SRT-250 Slinger, and the SPD-140. The SRT-250 SL is a flatbed tractor fitted with a hopper-feeder that feeds material onto a conveyor belt, enabling operators to cover up cable trenches with imported material with minimal loss/spillage over traditional methods. The SPD-140 is a smaller version of a self-loading padding machine, to fill in cable trenches that can use the excavated soil to cover up.

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