Saudi Aramco Awards MBTC with Challenging Gas Plants Project

Mr. Al-Barghash Co Ltd. has recently been awarded the challenging Saudi Aramco project in Haradh (HDGP) and Hawiyah Gas plants (HGP) which are located in the southern area of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, with five packages altogether.

The brief scope in these plants is the installation and commissioning of two chemical inhibition skids and 72 of the latest wireless gateway technology corrosion monitoring systems from Emerson, with all the associated facilities and installation of seven SS horizontal chemical storage tanks with a capacity of 1000 gallons each, with all associated facilities. Also included is the installation of various sizes of PCV, TCV & FCVs valves and two stabiliser column trays, plus 15 two-inch hot taps done in various sizes of pipeline starting from 24” to 36”. In addition, the scope includes management, procurement of equipment and material (permanent and temporary), subcontracting, logistics, transportation, construction, installation, pre-commissioning and commissioning works.

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