Seal For Life and Consistent Pipeline Protection

Over 50 km of new pipelines are being constructed in the Bisat area in the Sultanate of Oman. The pipeline diameters range from 10” through to 24” in diameter. Canusa CPS (a division of Seal For Life Industries) was selected to provide field joint coating protection using the GTS PP heat shrink sleeve product line along with IntelliCOAT.

The scheduling window for the 16” and 24” pipelines was very tight and the team determined that a manual application of the heat shrink sleeves would not be possible. Instead the IntelliCOAT system was selected to complete this work. IntelliCOAT is a fully automated system to control the application of heat shrink sleeves over pipeline field joints.

Using this system, productivity was increased by 150% as well as reducing the crew size required by 40%, compared to manual application. In addition, IntelliCOAT improved the HSE factor and maintained a consistent quality for all coated joints.

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