Seal for Life’s Dhatec Product Deemed Successful Solution for DuraBond Industries’ Challenge

DuraBond Industries recently partnered with Seal For Life’s Dhatec product personnel to come up with a solution for protecting the flared ends on their 20” pipe. End caps are used on pipelines to prevent damage to the ends of pipe and, if the pipe is coated, to protect coatings around the pin ends to prevent damage during transportation and handling. The cost of a non-standard bevel is significantly higher than that of a standard bevel, and not using the right protective solution can lead to costly rework or even disposal of the pipe. Dhatec is one of the few solutions on the market that could address this issue. Dhatec FPL 10.75 Flared End Pipe Type Cable was recommended. The end caps needed to be strapped to the end of the pipe and an additional cover was proposed to hold it in place. A thick rope was then wrapped around the strap to protect the flare ends from any further damage. A Dura-Bond site visit, after transportation, proved the end caps stayed in place and the coated pipe was successfully transported with no damage to the coating or flared ends.

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