Seal for Life’s Stopaq Total Solutions

In 2021 Seal For Life (SFL) completed a year long gas pipeline project in Croatia utilising a number of SFL products to provide a total protection solution.

The work was conducted on the new connecting main gas pipeline Zlobin – Omišalj DN800/100 for the LNG Terminal Krk. At the crossing under the railway near Zlobin and the crossing with state road D102 (Island Krk), the DN800 pipe runs inside DN1200 casings. The end user Plinacro d.o.o. wanted to secure the pipeline by filling the casings with Stopaq® Casing Filler which showed to be a more effective and reliable solution for corrosion protection compared to conventional methods. There were various challenges for application due to the difficult approach to the filling station, but they were overcome due to noteable collaboration between SFL’s personnel and the contractor.

The project also included field joints, bends, flanges and risers throughout. In addition to Casing Filler being used, Stopaq Wrappingband and Outerwrap were utilised and, due to the rocky areas, the company also added Outerglass Shield at field joints and SFL RockShield for the main pipeline that runs underground, subsea and above the ground.

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