Techfem Committed to Design of Systems for Hydrogen and Liquefied Natural Gas

In the second quarter of 2021 Techfem developed various preliminary engineering studies of small- and medium- scale LNG plants and hydrogen production facilities, as well as hydrogen transmission infrastructure projects.

The design activities examined a SSLNG liquefaction plant with a send-out capacity of 400 tpd and a storage capacity of 2500 m3 connected to the Italian high pressure natural gas grid. It also examined a green hydrogen production plant fed by a PV system and equipped with a 1-MWe electrolyser in Italy; and,an onshore-offshore transnational green hydrogen interconnector system featuring a 10-bcma capacity and a design pressure of up to 100 bar. Additionally, the company completed the basic design project of the so-called “H2 Demo” to support the investment decision of a power-to-power system under consideration in its Fano head offices. The plant will be powered by the electrical surplus generated by the existing photovoltaic system installed in the main building rooftop. Starting from a peak power of 300 kWp, a mini-electrolyser sized 15 kWe will be able to produce 3 Nm3 per hour of hydrogen that will be bottled in gas cylinders with an overall capacity of 11 kg, ready to feed a fuel-cell system and a refuelling station. The fuel-cell system will be activated to offset the power consumption in Techfem offices and warehouses and to supply power to an e-charging station for electric vehicles.

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