Tekfen Construction’s “Off-the-job Safety” Handbook New Version is Online

Many of us know that the way to keep ourselves safe in our workplaces is to follow our company’s regulations at all times. Thus, we can protect ourselves and our colleagues in our workplaces, which can contain many dangers. We, however, only spend a limited time at work.  We are faced with different kinds of dangers and risks in our lives out of work. According to statistics, non-occupational accidents result in 25% more damage than accidents at workplaces.

This data shows that safety awareness outside work is not as strong as it should be. Tekfen Construction developed an “Off-the-job Safety” programme in 2018 to motivate its employees and their families with the aim of ensuring the safety of its employees and their families both at work and outside work, and to raise awareness of this issue. As part of the programme, an “Off-the-job” handbook was prepared and distributed to all Tekfen Construction employees worldwide. The booklet was updated and republished during the COVID-19 pandemic. This second version is dedicated to healthcare workers for their struggle against COVID-19.

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