Seal For Life Canusa Products Providing Pipeline Protection in Australia

Canusa recently secured a major project for the BP Kewdale White-Oil Line (KWOL) Project. Governed and funded by West Australia Public Transport Authority (PTA), the pipelines connect the BP refinery in Kwinana to the ATOM fuel distribution terminal in Kewdale.

The project scope involved full encapsulation of 12” pipe with a composite abrasion resistant overcoat (ARO) for the protection of the dual layer fusion bonded epoxy (DLFBE) mainline coating and high build epoxy (HBE) field joint coatings during the 12 km of HDD construction. HDD construction increases the likelihood and severity of damage to anti-corrosion coatings compared to traditional open-cut construction. Damage can be caused by drilling fluid loss, cuttings in the bore, hole instability, hole misalignment, or improper handling of the pipe during installation. Damage to HDD constructed pipe can be difficult and expensive to repair; it is important that an anti-corrosion coating is sufficiently protected against abrasion, gouging, and impacts. Canusa was pleased to be selected as the provider of choice and to offer HBE-95 and ScarGuard. This project involves more than 11,300 rolls of ScarGuard applied by the contractor, encapsulating approximately 1000 joints. To-date, 75% of the pipeline construction work has been completed with a target completion by early first quarter 2022.

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