The Vermeer Fully Electric HDD Jobsite

The most advanced countries in the world must achieve the ambitious goal of transforming their economies into carbon-neutral economies, by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and by transitioning the energy industry from fossil sources to renewable sources.

Electrification of non-road stationary industrial machineries represents an effective way to help reduce the environmental footprint and to increase the efficiency of these kind of machines, including horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machines. The implementation of the electric direct-drive technology on all components of the HDD jobsite (drill, mixer/reclaimer and high-pressure pump), leads to the minimisation of the environmental footprint and emissions (pollutants, noise, etc.). Speed of operations and responsiveness of the drill, combo mixer/reclaimer and high-pressure pump, together with the automatisation of almost all operations of the drill, result in maximised productivity.

The compactness of the systems minimises transportation costs and logistic problems. A fully electric HDD is also a power-on-demand machine, this means that it consumes only the energy it needs when it needs. When comparing a traditional diesel-hydraulic with a fully electric HDD machine powered by a diesel generator, the higher efficiency of the fully electric system and the power-on-demand may result in less fuel consumption during the same duty cycle.

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