Worldwide Machinery Upgrades Padding Machine & Crawler Carrier Fleet

Driven by innovation, Worldwide Machinery continues to invest in its padding machine and crawler carrier fleet built by SUPERIOR Manufacturing. SUPERIOR recently unveiled re-engineered SP-350 and SP-160 models of padding machines to be safer and more productive.

The upgraded design of the SP-350 features a moveable cabin for increased visibility and requires no tear down or setup, meaning the machine is ready to work when it arrives onsite. Other enhancements include a reversible conveyor, three cameras on the machine to monitor the off-side and loading of material, and an upgraded undercarriage for more stability.

Next, 2023 brings a rebirth of the SP-150 padding machine, now even more robust with a sturdier track and increased horsepower. The machine features enhanced maneuverability and integrated rear and right-side cameras ensure maximum production and visibility. This year Worldwide Machinery also brought to market a new ST-300XR Crawler Carrier and even more bed options. The 30,000 lb capacity rotating unit features a heavy-duty excavator style swing gear and increased horsepower. The interchangeable beds include fuel/lube, sandblasting, dump, water tanker, flatbed, welding options, and more.

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