Winn & Coales International Ltd. Celebrates 140 Years’ Service to Industry

Winn & Coales International Ltd., leading manufacturer and supplier of corrosion prevention, waterproofing and sealing products, is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year.

First established as an import/export house in London in 1883, the company has earned a reputation for supplying high-quality, effective, long-term solutions for its customers problems. Its well-known brands such as Denso™, Premier™, Archco™, Protal™, Premier Shrink Sleeves™, Steelcoat™, SeaShield™ and Sylglas™ provide effective protection for buried, submerged, or exposed steel and concrete pipes, tanks, and structures. A vast number of industries benefit from the tailor-made solutions Winn & Coales provides, with the company demonstrating a clear commitment to continual improvement of its product offering through innovative research and development, and product acquisitions – a notable example of which being Viscotaq™ visco-elastic coatings in 2021. Today, Winn & Coales International Ltd. comprises seven subsidiary companies – two in the U.K., and one each in the U.S.A., Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand – with multiple regional offices, and a network of global agents and distributors. The shared knowledge and experience across the group of companies ensure its extensive range of corrosion and chemical resistant coatings and linings are available almost anywhere in the world.

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