The 2023 Health, Safety & Environmental Statistics Return has to be completed online no later than 1st April 2024.

Steps to follow

  • Complete the form online.
  • Click on Next. (You can modify figures afterwards.)
  • Review the figures, you may click on Edit if needed, you may also click on Print to keep a copy of the return for your records.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Provide an investigation report as detailed as possible for each incident involving a fatality as to the root cause(s) to

Guidelines and translations are available to help you complete the form. You may also use these documents as drafts before submitting data online:


Threshold guidelines for major and minor incidents (question 12)

As a condition of membership, Regular Members are required to submit their annual health & safety and their environmental statistics to IPLOCA, such that aggregate statistics for the industry can be monitored and reported. Since both statistics became compulsory last year, the HSE Committee has decided to merge the two forms and reports. The returns should cover pipeline construction sites or offshore operations and all infrastructure related projects. We welcome this information also from our Associate Members who have field construction activities.

In order to improve the quality of the data received the HSE Committee has created an online fillable form which contains certain data restrictions.

Your return is a confidential document and is not shown or passed to any third party, other than the HSE Committee.

Note: after discussions regarding the paramount importance of Health, Safety, and the Environment the Board of Directors has decided that Regular Members that have not submitted their annual statistics will not be allowed to attend the annual Convention.