Goriziane’s innovative solution: the Automated Pipe Handling System

Goriziane’s fully automated Pipe Handling System is an advanced technology designed to streamline the process of handling pipes in industrial settings, including in the oil and gas sector.

This system utilises robotics, sensors, and automation to efficiently transport, position, and manipulate pipes without the need for human intervention. Key features of Goriziane’s system include the following: robotic arms are employed to grasp, lift, and move pipes with precision and reliability; integrated sensors detect the position, orientation, and dimensions of pipes, enabling accurate handling and placement.

The entire process, from picking up pipes to delivering them to the desired location, is automated, reducing the need for manual labour and increasing operational efficiency. The system is adaptable to various pipe sizes, materials, and shapes, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications. Built-in safety mechanisms ensure the protection of both the equipment and personnel by preventing accidents and minimising risks associated with manual handling. Overall, Goriziane’s Fully Automated Pipe Handling System offers a cutting-edge solution for enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and improving safety in industries that involve the handling of pipes.

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